• Maungakiekie

    (c) Kevin Jones 2010

  • Rewa Wreck

    (c) Kevin Jones 2010

  • North Head, Devonport

    (c) Kevin Jones 2010

  • Wilson Cement Works

    (c) Kevin Jones 2010

New Zealand Archaeological Association Website


WE ARE a registered charity with a membership spanning students, amateurs, professionals, organisations, businesses and institutions involved or interested in archaeology.

NZ’s ARCHAEOLOGY may be short in timespan by old world standards but New Zealand has a rich heritage of archaeological sites which illustrate its history.

OUR OBJECTIVES are to promote and foster research into the archaeology of New Zealand.

WE PUBLISH two periodicals and other monographs about New Zealand and the Pacific.

WE LOBBY Government and Local Government for the protection of New Zealand's cultural heritage.

SITE RECORDING SCHEME run by NZAA contains the records of over 60,000 archaeological sites. The records are used for the purposes of research and for the protection and management of archaeological sites.

JOIN US and you will be helping to preserve and our collective past and historic heritage.


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